Chabot Space & Science Center Robotics Expo
                     Oakland, CA
                     Feb 24, 2001

                         by SFRSA Mediamister Cliff Thompson

Chabot Space & Science Center (CSSC) Robotics  Expo

"Robot enthusiasts from around the Bay Area share their creations" ran the byline for the CSSC  all-day event  with numerous exhibitors from robot clubs including SFRSA & Homebrew.  

SFRSA members included Patty Pink & kids, UCB Robot Lab Mngr. Win Williams, Positive Logic’s Joe Miller & SFRSA Mediameister Cliff Thompson.

 On display were Hero-shell hermit, SUMO ‘bots, Science fair project, plastic construction kit models, toy critters, Lego Mindstorm Star Wars droids, sculptures, line-followers, advanced base platforms, mini SUMO & arm, Honda P2 Humanoid model & Sony AIBO

Cliff’s AIBO "K-9" enthralled children by exhibiting facial-recognition based behaviors.  Overall the event was well attended, with no lulls & often crowded, with exhibitors totally engaged full-time, reminiscent of event sponsor The Robot Store’s earlier "Robo Expo".