San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley 

AIBO Club  

Meeting Agenda

Green items indicate recurring events
Red items indicate New events for the upcoming meeting 
[] items are "Tentative"

Meeting Basics

         Mission Statement the Founder/President briefly states the club's aims and goals.

- Founder Cliff Thompson's Welcome & Mission statement.

         New Member Intros New guests briefly identify themselves, their background and reason for/interests in attending.

- New guest intro's.
        (Initial group fill out Club Website Survey, get on email list/database)
        -Pass around sign-up sheet

         Club Business Items Any critical Administrative items that need to be addressed, but limited to a small number so members can get what they came for (speakers, demos...); more involved issues are handled off-line after the formal presentations.

- Club website
    - Visit Meeting link for agenda of upcoming events
    - Visit Discussion link for topics & messages 
    - Visit Files link for file exchange
    - Visit Proposal link to see what Club Activities are in the offing  
    - Fill out the Survey link form to join the  member database & specifiy interests

-  Club Next Meeting Location/Date/Time ???
    - May not be at Metreon; Location/Date/Time being worked out

         AIBO News Items the Founder/President briefly presents any news items/developments gleaned from various sources (ClubAIBO, newsgroup/BBS, Sony Style Store); if Japanese translation can be provided, coverage can include reports from AIBO TOWN magazine.

- Founder Cliff Thompson's Items
        -Navigator, Messenger
        -AIBO Int'l Owners Event 8/10 eve, Seattle, with ROBOCUP 
         (Masami Hirata)
- Member Items
- Sony Style Store AIBO Specialist Maria AIBO TOWN Japanese Magazine  Items English Translation 

         Sony Style Store Report Sony Style staff performs "sales demos" of the latest AIBO gear (Ex: new AIBO model, Body Parts Kit, AIBOware, Accessories) and related technology (Ex: Glasstron for AIBO).

- Sony Style Store AIBO Specialist Maria Store New Items
        (-Body Parts Kit?)


Special Presentations:  May consist of any of the following:

         Guest Speaker Typically a speaker from Sony, Entertainment Robot America (ERA), ClubAIBO, or Sony- internal or 3rd party AIBO development source (Example: Takeshi Yazawa, Vice President, Sony ERA: "The Future of AIBO").

- Takeshi Yazawa, Vice President & General Manager, Sony Entertainment Robot America (ERA), will present a talk entitled "The Future of AIBO", Metreon 2nd Floor multimedia theater, June 16,   1:00 p.m., (before AIBO 2nd Anniversary Celebration at ground floor Information Desk, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m)

         Special Demo Usually a Sony- internal or 3rd party AIBO development source (Example: "SDR-3X, A Best Friend's Man").

- AIBO 2nd Anniversary Celebration events by Sony Entertainment Robot America (ERA)/ClubAIBO & Sony Style Store include demos of such hardware as "Wireless LAN" & software including "Master Studio" & the new "Navigator" & "Messenger" programs, at Meteon ground floor Information Desk, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

SIG Demonstrations May be presented sequentially or simultaneously at multiple locations/stations. May consist of any of the following:

         Software Demo, Basic Typically one or more short Tutorials on basic software operation (Example: Hello AIBO, Fun Pack, Party Mascot).

        Software Demo, Advanced: Generally a close look at advanced software operation  (Example: Master Studio Programming).

            - Founder Cliff Thompson Master Studio Demo "HowlO, AIBO Howl-O-Gram"

        Hardware Demo, Basic/Advanced: Usually addresses operational issues  (Example: Wireless LAN setup).

- Sony Style Store AIBO Specialist Maria AIBO Body Parts Dis/Assemble Demo

         Workshop(s): After a demo, SIG(s) may remain open/running to offer help with training, problem solving and/or technical problems.


Special Project Updates:  May consist of any of the following:

         Special Events A progress/status report on the planning/execution of any current such event as listed below in the  Special Events section   (Example: ROBOCUP).

         Resources / Funding  A progress/status report on Resource / Funding garnering activities currently underway as listed below in the  Resource / Funding sections   (Example: Sponsorship).

         Special Projects A progress/status report on the planning/execution of any current such projects as listed below in the  Special Projects section   (Example: Training Media).

Special Task Problem Solver Posting A list of particularly desired tasks to perform/problem solutions to be achieved is posted as a technical challenge to the group.  Members demo developed solutions, some of which may be become products to sell via the Club Store

Advanced/Future AIBO A section devoted to getting advanced AIBO resources into the club for Beta Testing, Evaluation, Exploration and Demonstration, such as the "Body Parts Kit" and especially the SDR-3X Humanoid.

Member Presentations Audience members present anything they have brought for "show and tell" (Ex: AIBO home movie video clips such as San Francisco Robotics Society of America (SFRSA) Mediameister Cliff Thompson film "AIBO "K-9" vs. Thunder Lizard!").

- Founder Cliff Thompson's Video clips 
        1) "AIBO "K-9" vs. Thunder Lizard!" 
        2) AIBO Studios Sneak Prevue "AIBO "K-9" vs. Hound from Hades"
        3) Stanford Engineering Students AIBO Owner Gathering 
        4) LA AIBO presentation
- Sony Style Store AIBO Specialist Maria Video clip Japan TV "AIBO SDR-3X" segment.
- Founder Cliff Thompson's MPEG clips 
        1) SDR-3X ROBODEX rollout

Developer and 3rd Party Forum:  There is considerable interest in developing 3rd party applications and products for AIBO, particularly in the area of performing useful tasks.  Developers discuss and present programming internals, environments, tools and product development. (Example: AIBO Hack Site).

            - AiboPet's AiboHack site (
            - Club AIBO (
                    -\Sharing\AMS Trading Post\
            - AIBO TOWN (

Product Development:  Members may develop any number of products and even their own businesses for merchandising.  Ideally these products could be sold through a club website e-commerce store with partial proceeds going to the club treasury.  (Example: Custom Memory Stick Applications; SIG Workshop/Lecture Series Training Videos / DVDs / (e)Books; Fashion Accessories  ("AIBOWear"; SDR-3X Shogun/Kimono Outfits).


General Q&A, Feedback and Member Brainstorming The meeting is thrown open for general Q&A to offer help with training, problem solving and/or technical problems.  Ideally, answers to questions might further be provided by an ERA/ClubAIBO-hosted Tech Support Newsgroup/Videoconference, running "live" during the meeting. Feedback is also solicited, regards "How are we doing, what's working/not?", as well as any creative brainstorming ideas (Example: Idea for "AIBO Exoskeleton", from Roger Hine,  Asyst Technologies Stanford alum : " might be possible to mount the Aibo body and head on a chassis with giant legs and a weapon and enter him in Battle Bots...")

        - Discuss Tech Support Chat

Free-Form Networking The formal presentations end and attendees "mix-it-up", network, get together in small groups and attend any SIG workshops until the meeting ends.

        -AIBO Melee