AIBO "K-9" vs. Thunder Lizard!

From distant Japan arises an Unstoppable Artificial Intelligence Robotic Protagonist 
AIBO "K-9", 
(aka "Poochini" to his Italian fans), 
engaged in the fiercest battle ever, 
on Christmas Day 2000, 
with the Gigantic Thunder Lizard,  
a living prehistoric Reptile of unprecedented proportions!

Experience the thrill as the Reptile Brain matches wits with Robotic Artificial Intelligence! 

See the terrifying Giant Reptile battle the Cybernetic Warrior in head-to-spike combat!

Take a deep breath, muster all your courage, & watch the Streaming Quicktime 4 iMovie*, 
(originally aired on the Apple Computer iMovie Web site, in the MST3K Memorial Theater).
(*verify Control Panel\QuickTime\Settings\Connection Speed is set to your supported maximum - can take a while downloading before starts to play).

Produced by Cliff & Toni Thompson.
Directed by an unknown Fractal Strange Attractor.

(Based up numerous suggestions by SFRSA members & San Francisco Sony Metreon Sony Style Store AIBO-demo customers who've viewed the iMovie, a copy of the video has been sent to America's Funniest Home Videos, who have replied with a Request for Release form.)