[It] begins in robot exposition “ROBODEX2000" and Pacifico Yokohama.
- New robots such as Sony and HONDA general open it to the public -.


Session:24th - 26th in November
Hall:Pacifico Yokohama
Admission fee:General 1,000 yen and elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools student 500 yen
Sponsoring:ROBODEX execution committee

“ROBODEX2000" to which "Man's partner type robot exposition" is expressed is held for three days of the 24th - the 26th in the Yokohama international, peaceful conference scene in Pacifico Yokohama. The admission fee is a general 1,000 yen, and elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools student 500 yen.

In the press preview done before beginning on the 23rd, the two-legged robot of just the announcement such as HONDA “ASIMO" and Sony “SDR-3X" was started, and a lot of robots showed the appearance.

A lot of those who come are visiting, and those who enter general are waiting on the afternoon of the 24th at the beginning first day for two hours.


●HONDA announces the history of two an independent robot of this company.

Two the independent robot each model to start “ASIMO" has been exhibited to “P1". P3 and ASIMO were demonstrated in the preview. [It] operated of doing of light movement of ASIMO digested up to the dance step and big P3 in a relaxed manner, and both impressive and a lot of flashes were bathed in.


MPEG-1 form 1.3MB for each(15 seconds)
P3 where [it] walks Appearance of ASIMO Slowly curved ASIMO
The movement of one's feet is paid to attention.

□Robot homepage of HONDA
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【20 November 】 It is robot “ASIMO" appearance of HONDA which approaches man further more and there in the future soon.



●SDR-3X dances Sony in a special stage.

“SDR-3X" of two walking type was installed a special stage, and announced various operation according to playing the violin. Even if operation by which the hand as which operation might be smaller than ASIMO of the same two walking type and is fast, and the more same is waved is done, the impression is considerably different. Moreover, the range of motion of the joint be able to be wide, and seem to do impossible operation by man. [It] was seen though [it] walked slowly in Movie though it was done that [it] walked quickly by the short step.


MPEG-1 form 1.3MB for each(15 seconds)
[It] walks while dancing. Bending and stretching movement Pleasure with shot and goal



A lot of “AIBO 2nd Generation" is exhibited in the booth of Sony, and moreover, the charm is shaken and reeled to a red bowl as play etc.

□Homepage of AIBO
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【21 November 】 Sony announces two-legged robot “SDR-3X" of 50cm in stature.


●(*temuzacc*) and hydraulic pressure type large-scale robot of "Cancer tank" exactly

The (*temuzacc*) communications technologies are characterized in the remote control robot technology of the long distance which uses PHS. [It] has the hand and CCD camera that the crawler (caterpillar) is used for the movement, and the freedom degree is high. The remote control unit is separated to the pedal unit which controls the crawler with the arm which tells the movement of the hand.

It is in the second grade of high-school after the press preview had ended though the demonstration strike ration of “TMSUK04" near the person type was done in the hall. all Large-scale robot “T-5" like the construction machinery of 5m and full 1.8m was announced in the parking lot. T-5 is the one having aimed at the activity on the disaster site etc. , and hydraulic pressure and the crawler are driven with the gasoline engine as for the hand.

: of the “TMSUK04" back right side front. 「T-5」 Control seat of “T-5"
Gigantic figure who has cancer tank thought

□Homepage of (*temuzacc*)


●[It] is Tommy, and eyes are 犬型 robots of (*pattiri*).

Tommy is 犬型 robot which can talk about the sale schedule on November 30. 「dog.com(Dog. Com. )" is exhibited. 14,800 yen is scheduled to the price.

The joint and the motor are reduced by the development type of man DOG to whom [it] was exhibited in a toy show in March, one turns, and [it] is becoming small. Moreover, the design was changed as the eye origin was also refreshing, and the heart attached to the chest.

It is understood by being at the right of a right image and understands becoming considerably lovelily.

□Homepage of dog.com


●The PC version of the wonder vogue appears to Bandai.

The PC version appears to "Wonder vogue" by which the wonder Swann is assumed to be a controller so far. The price is 16,000 yen, and the reservation of the number limitation of the homepage of the wonder vogue is begun at noon November 30.

OS is Windows 95/98/Me. The infrared rays unit is connected with PC and the wonder vogue is controlled. The main body of the wonder vogue is common with a past product.

猫型 robot “BN-1" also is exhibiting the reference. It seems to be interesting on the respect because the memory capacity is larger. a possible programming in a wonder similar vogue it


□Homepage of wonder vogue


●As for Takara, 魚型 joins an aquatic robot.

Takara exhibits aquatic robot "(*acaroid*)" etc.In (*acaroid*), 魚型 joined a past medusa type.


□Homepage of (*acaroid*)


●Japan Science and Technology Corporation ERATO Kitano symbiosis system project

Two walking type robots “PINO" are exhibited. [It] was exhibited in the hall with geostationary, and the demonstration etc. were not done. The design images, does the Pinocchio of the 21st century, and has the projecting nose.


□Kitano symbiosis system project homepage


●(*ei*) (*ti*) are intelligence reflection communication laboratory


The robot which can participate in the man society is a concept, and communications with the voice and the hand which often moves exhibit "(*robobe*) (Robovie)" of the feature.

[It] has the function of embrace etc. when it is said, "The inside stop" and approaches. The kiss was requested to the staff in the hall.

□Homepage of (*ei*) (*ti*) are intelligence reflection communication laboratory


□Homepage of ROBODEX2000

(November 24, 2000)

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