by SFRSA Mediameister 
Cliff Thompson

Japan's ROBODEX 2000 EXHIBITORS - world's first exposition of "human partner" robots.

"Now, a brand-new industry of 'human / robot coexistence systems' is emerging to create 'new companions with character for humans'"

Toshitada (Toshi) Doi, Chairman of the Board, Sony Computer Science Labs, Corp. Exec. VP, Sony Corp, Corp. Senior VP & President, Digital Creatures Laboratory, AIBO Co-Developer & ROBODEX Project Initiator

(Japanese-to-English Webpage Translator, Alta Vista's > "Babelfish")

-Honda "P3", "ASIMO" ("Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility")
-Sony "AIBO", "SDR-3X" ("AI Robot", "Sony Dream Robot")
-NEC R100
-Japan Science and Tech. Corp.  Erato Kitano Symbiosis System Project "PINO" (pic on PC Watch translated page)
-Advanced Telecommunications Research (ATR ) Inst. Int'l. "ROBOVIE
-Sogo Keibi Hosho "GUARD ROBO" (click "Technology" link)
-Tomy "DOG.COM"
-Bandai "WONDERBORG" (Insect)
-Takara "ROBOPAL", "ACAROID"  (acaroid pic  on PC Watch translated page) (Land, Aquatic Animals)
-Waseda Univ. Dept. Of Mech. Eng. Intelligent Machine Lab (Shigeki Sugano Lab) "WAMOEBA-2R" (Waseda Artificial Mind On Emotion Base)  & Humanoid Robotics Inst. Takanishi Lab (Flute Playing Robot
-Tokyo Inst. of Tech. Mechano-Aerospace Eng.  Hirose & Yoneda Robotics Lab (Snake, Walking Robot)
-Osaka Univ. Grad. School of Eng. Dept. Of Adaptive Machine Systems Asada Lab (Robocup Demo)
-Science Univ. of Tokyo Dept. of Mech. Eng. Kobayashi Lab   (Face Robot) (click "Activities" > "Research contents" )
-Lego Mindstorms ROBOLAB
-Robocup (Competition)
-Iroda Int'l Robot Design Assoc. (Organization)
-Tezuka Astro Boy "had a great impact on our conception of robots." (ROBODEX What's New)
-Robodex2000 "ASOBOT"  ("Association Robot")
-Robodex2000 PC Watch News story (Japanese, English)