dot_white.gif (49 bytes)The 2000 Robot Games Open Floor Event 

Sponsor: John Zeissig. E-mail:

This event will be open to all comers with the following priorities:  

  1. Robots not participating in other events
  2.  Autonomous robots
  3. Radio Control and other remote controlled robots
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The arena will be a twelve foot by twelve foot area with twelve-inch high plywood walls on each side. Wall color will be flat black on one side and flat white on the other side, reconfigurable so the interior color is optional.  

The event sponsor will provide the following apparatus which may be used inside the arena at the option of the participant: 

  1. Variable slope ramp, 24" wide by 48" long. 
  2.  Variable riser staircase, riser heights: 3/4", 1 1/"2", 2 1/4" ; width 24"
  3. 24" X 73" galvanized corrugated roofing material. 
  4. Eight 6" X 6" X 12" plywood "obstacles," color to be determined.
  5. Section of carpet or Astroturf, size to be determined.
  6. Sponsor will consider specialized apparatus of participants' devising if they contact the sponsor at least one week prior to the event. 

Each participant will have an initial session of five minutes with his/her robot operating inside the arena, after configuring the arena to demonstrate the robot's capabilities. 

Participants will be given five minutes before their session to configure the apparatus as they see fit. Thus we should be able to accommodate six participants per hour. When all participants have had their initial session, the arena will be made available for fun runs, impromptu challenges, side bets, retries, etc. If time is available, the sponsor will consider use of the arena by competitors in other events. 

Obviously this event is not a competition in the ordinary sense. It is intended to accommodate robots not specialized for Sumo, etc. A participant could use the arena bare to demonstrate a legged 'bot's mastery of dance steps, or he/she could configure an "Iron 'Bot" obstacle course. There is no easy way to "score" these performances, so there will be no awards or prizes other than sustained applause. However, sponsor will arrange a "People's Choice" ballot, the results of which will be posted on the S. F. R. S. A. website. > 

Prospective participants can pre-register to reserve a space by e-mailing sponsor before Sunday, 9/24/00. While we will try to accommodate everyone, pre-registrants will have their sessions reserved. 

Sponsor will exercise his judgment to deny participation to any entry that is deemed too dangerous to perform. There is essentially no protection for onlookers and other participants at this event, so please use common sense when considering your entry.

 Sponsor's Web Site:

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