An Ongoing Exploration of Robotics Internet Resources.

By Cliff Thompson, San Francisco Robotics Society of America (SFRSA)

(Web: (

Title: False Gods
Sample Graphic: S.P.A.R.C. 1

Description: Marque Cornblatt is exploring interactive, internet tele-operated robotics sculpture. The site also contains a collection of Mechanical and Video Sculpture in a Gallery of Transhuman Artifacts.

Summary: "Interactive sculptures and robots using video, toys, found objects and all sorts of high and low technology to simulate live interaction and human powered flight."
Sample Quotes: "SPARC 2 is a robotic telepresence and artificial intelligence simulator, based around a wireless rolling chassis and controlled entirely through the internet. The machine interacts with people as if it were alive…self-aware, telling jokes..."
Navigational Links: robot links to images and video clips of robotics sculptures, including a clip of a crowd-pleasing robot named SPARC2.
Favorite Links: WaterBoy > Info > Burning Man leads to the pyrotechnic event community’s web site at
Title: GREYPILGRIM…Innovative…Affordable Remote Operations Equip….
Sample Graphic: EMMA
Description: GREYPILGRIM LLC makes a serpentine manipulator called EMMA. Uses for the device range from camera positioning to nuclear waste retrieval.
Summary: "GreyPilgrim - developers of EMMA, a flexible robotic arm. Applications include nuclear storage tank waste retrieval, telepresence camera deployment, and fire suppression monitors."
Sample Quotes: "EMMA... is a serpentine robotic manipulator…built in stages…multiple stages can yield complex curves. Its motion is like that of an elephant's trunk...EMMA…is also hollow throughout its length…"
Navigational Links: Technology describes how the systems operate, Products describes the available robotic manipulators, platforms and cranes.
Favorite Links: Technology > Research Links includes The Engineer’s Companion, (captioned "THIS GUY actually thinks engineers are INTERESTING"), at
Title: The Mobile Robot Laboratory Home Page
Sample Graphic: Trash-collecting robots

Description: Georgia Tech’s Mobile Robot Lab explores Multiagent Robotic Systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The site also maintains a library of related publications.

Summary: "The Mobile Robot Laboratory's charter is to discover and develop fundamental scientific principles and practices that are applicable to intelligent mobile robot systems."
Sample Quotes: "Multiagent task-achieving behavior…Teleautonomous control of robot societies …are being developed…’Router’…an integrated planning and learning system…integrates case-based and model-based reasoning…"
Navigational Links: Research Projects: Multiagent Robotic Systems leads to a description of the Multiagent robot team work, & discussions including "Teleautonomous Control of Robot Societies."

Favorite Links: Interesting/Related Sites around the Web includes jumps to Artificial Life ONLINE at and Boadicea: a Pneumatic Walking Robot at



Title: The Mobile Robot Laboratory Home Page…Online Software
Contact: (MLab), (JBots)
Sample Graphic: MissionLab
Description: Georgia Tech’s Mobile Robot Lab offers Online Software named MissionLab (captioned "multiagent robotics mission specification and simulation") and JavaBots (RoboCup JavaSoccer).

Summary: "MissionLab takes high-level military-style plans and executes them with teams of real or simulated robotic vehicles, Javabots links to a complete Introduction, Applications, Installation and Documentation page."

Sample Quotes: "MissionLab supports execution of multiple robots in simulation…control(s) multiple Denning, and Nomadics Technologies…RoboCup JavaSoccer…Two teams of five robots…kick and push a golf ball across the opposing team's goal."
Navigational Links: MissionLab leads to a components and files breakdown, Javabots links to a complete Introduction, Applications, Installation and Documentation page.
Favorite Links: MissionLab > Multiagent Mission Spec… downloads a paper describing key concepts used in MissionLab, at
Title: Robotics Society of America
Sample Graphic: SUMO
Description: The San Francisco Robotics Society of America (SFRSA) exchanges information about robotics to stimulate education, create new businesses and promote the enjoyment of robotics."
Summary: "The Society’s regular Monthly Meeting occurs at & is sponsored by the Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco, California. The SFRSA also publishes the Newsletter ROBOTS!"
Sample Quotes: "Guests…This is your invitation to let people know about yourself and your robotics-related interests…If you would like to list yourself in our resource directory, please provide the following contact information…"
Navigational Links: Info leads to the current collection of Newsletters Online, Search crawls the site, including Newsletters, for your search term, Discuss heads to a searchable online discussion forum.
Favorite Links: Links includes a jump to "R.U.R. (‘Rossums Universal Robots’)…Excerpt from the original play by Karel Capek…This play introduced the word ‘robot’ first…"
This issue’s keyword is 68HC11, the popular robotics Central Processing Unit chip. The search turned up a number of Web Sites, samples from which follow:
  • TECI - …in-circuit emulators, programmers, compilers, and assemblers for Motorola 68HC05 and 68HC11…

  • TrackBot'95 - 68HC11, track-driven mobile robot with behavior-based control…

  • WizOrg - contains information about Gadget, my robot project, and links to 68HC11 and PIC controllers, and electronics.

  • Fabius Software Systems–development environment…ANSI-C compiler, assembler, linker / locater and library for 68HC11.
  • Novasoft - produces and supplies autonomous robotics kits and parts for the novice to experienced builder…