An On-Going Exploration of Robotics Internet Resources.

By Cliff Thompson, San Francisco Robotics Society of America (SFRSA)

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Title: Locomotion with a Unit Modular Reconfigurable Robot
Sample Graphic: Polypod
Description: Mark Yim at Stanford is experimenting with robots made up of a small number of repeatable components that allow for dynamic reconfigurability
Summary: "Polypod - modular, reconfigurable robot that walks, rolls, and crawls."
Sample Quotes: "Polypod is a bi-unit modular robot…built up of exactly two types of modules that are repeated…Dynamic reconfigurability allows the robot to be highly versatile, reconfiguring itself to whatever shape best suits the current task."
Navigational Links: modules gives tech specs, Locomotion gives info on Polypod’s various gaits & Generalization describes Polypod locomotion as "a general taxonomy of statically stable locomotion."
Favorite Links: Locomotion > IEEE Conf… on Robotics…1994 Video Proceedings leads to a video of the gaits available from the IEEE website at
Title: Biorobotics Laboratory
Sample Graphic: Sarcos Dextrous Arm Master

Description: The University of Utah’s Biorobotics Laboratory is exploring Robotics, Teleoperation, Virtual Reality (and) Human Motor Control.

Summary: "The site profiles…Haptic Interfaces, Locomotion Interfaces, Human Operator Dynamics, Rapid Virtual Prototyping, Real-Time Systems, Sensor-Based Manipulation…Autonomous Calibration."
Sample Quotes: "Multimodal Visualization for Scientific Data… attempting to display…vector and scalar fields with 3 or more dimensions, using…techniques such as line integral convolution (LIC) and local visualization and haptization…"
Navigational Links: Haptic Interfaces (force feedback) describes projects involving CAD/CAM, scientific visualization & Arm operation.
Favorite Links: Sarcos extensively interacts with the Lab in areas of Virtual Reality and Teleoperation at



Title: …ROBOT STORE…Biggest Collection of Miniature Robots & Supplies
Sample Graphic: Medusa
Description: Mondo-tronics' ROBOT STORE has extensive on-line catalog of Robot Kits, Muscle Wire, books, software, hardware, electronics and videos.
Summary: "Mondo-tronics' Robot Store - robot kits, books, software packages and videos... featuring over 100 actual robot kits, books, and software, as well as Muscle WiresŪ shape memory alloys…"
Sample Quotes: "Reconfigurable (Lego Style) Kits…are built to be used with motors, sensors, and electronic interfaces…High Performance/Vision Systems…The Cognachrome Vision system and the Pioneer 1..."
Navigational Links: Catalog leads the store’s Product Index.
Favorite Links: Links includes an ever-changing Featured site.


Title: Robotics Society of America…Events
Sample Graphic: ARCE
Description: The San Francisco Robotics Society Of America (SFRSA) holds an annual Robot Competition and Exhibition (ARCE) at the San Francisco Exploratorium Museum.
Summary: "Robot Expo and Sumo Competitions."


Sample Quotes: "There is always a Maze event featuring autonomous robots…Previous ARCE's have featured Rope Climb, Maze, Robot Arm, Potato Peel and Squeegee, Robot SUMO, Talent Show and Exhibits!"
Navigational Links: Events leads to the ARCE news.
Favorite Links: ROBOEXPO leads to the RobotStore ROBOEXPO website at


Title: INUKTUN SERVICES LTD. Craftsmanship in High Technology


Sample Graphic: MICROSPECTOR
Description: Canadian Inuktun Services Ltd. makes several Land and Underwater ROV’s. Some crawl up pipe & one can even change shape during operation, allowing it to negotiate obstacles.
Summary: "INUKTUN SERVICES LTD. is a designer and manufacturer of remotely operated robotic systems and modular components for use in confined spaces and hazardous environments."
Sample Quotes: "SCALLOP is a practical solution for underwater applications to a depth of 40 metres…MICROTRAC Vertical Crawler is ideally suited for horizontal and vertical operation in pipe of 8 to 12 inches (200 to 300 mm) internal diameter."

Navigational Links: Products get to the company’s line of Inspectors, Pipe Crawlers and ROV’s, Product Catalog leads to a downloadable catalog.

Favorite Links: Robotics Links includes a jump to Australia’s Telerobot on the web, at



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